5 ways to overcome a ‘creative block’

The word 'Block'

Stress, change, anxiety or depression can sometimes cause a ‘creative block’! Which I have personally been struggling with lately.

We have so many distractions, life can be so busy, there are chores-work-sport-kids-family-and so much more! So when you finally have a moment to spend on some ‘creative time’ … well there’s that dreaded block!

Here are 5 ways I have found that help overcome a creative block:

  • Find a pen and paper and start doodling or writing
  • Look at magazines that are related to your creative interest
  • Talk to someone who has a similar interest
  • Find inspiration in your journal
  • Make a list of goals or projects you’d like to do and prioritize them ready for next time

What ways do you find that help you overcome a ‘creative block’?

When the world turns Upside Down …

“When the world turns UPSIDE DOWN the best thing to do is TURN right along with it”

-Mary Poppins-
Quote 'When the world turns upside down'

I love this quote from Mary Poppins! ☂️

There has been so many changes in my routine in the past five months, from getting a part-time job, adjusting how my hobby business worked, coping with having our house rearranged so we can paint our bedroom, to now the impact of worldwide pandemic – which has brought me full circle to time off work, a business that relies on the tourist season which will be delayed or will be very little this season.

It’s all about balance for me, it takes me time to find my mojo again after every change. I have had to learn to go ‘with the flow’, have patience and keep working towards my goals, even if they are small steps.

Fabric gift wrapped

Creative joy

Printing your own fabric, or pieces of fabric, then creating something from it, can be a lot of fun resulting in something unique, creative and personal.

I love printing my ‘Gumnuts’ design, which I have done in various colour ways on tea towels and fabric pieces.