5 ways to overcome a ‘creative block’

The word 'Block'

Stress, change, anxiety or depression can sometimes cause a ‘creative block’! Which I have personally been struggling with lately.

We have so many distractions, life can be so busy, there are chores-work-sport-kids-family-and so much more! So when you finally have a moment to spend on some ‘creative time’ … well there’s that dreaded block!

Here are 5 ways I have found that help overcome a creative block:

  • Find a pen and paper and start doodling or writing
  • Look at magazines that are related to your creative interest
  • Talk to someone who has a similar interest
  • Find inspiration in your journal
  • Make a list of goals or projects you’d like to do and prioritize them ready for next time

What ways do you find that help you overcome a ‘creative block’?